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Art of War Art of War by themanhunt1234
Set Cash, 999999999 Health for tower, 999999999 Health for Helicopter, 999999999 Health for Bunker, 999999999 Health for Anti-Air, 999999999 Health for Money Plant, 999999999 Health for Tech Center, 999999999 Upgrades for all units, 999999999 Upgrades for heli, 999999999 Upgrades for Bunker, 999999999 Upgrades for Anti-Air, 999999999 Upgrades for Money Plant, 999999999 Upgrades for Tech Center
Rating: 60.0% Hacked with: VB 2008
Backyard Buzzing Backyard Buzzing by themanhunt1234
Set cash, Set score, Set max units
Rating: 50.0% Hacked with: VB 2008
Battlefield General *FULL* Battlefield General *FULL* by themanhunt1234
- Set Money - Set Castle HP (Freeze) - Set Castle Level - Set General Damage - Set General Speed - Set General HP (Freeze) Remade 22nd December 2012
Rating: 53.1% Hacked with: VB 2010
Battle Gear Battle Gear by themanhunt1234
Set cash, set exp, set base health (frozen), set level, kill enemy base, inf units
Rating: 55.6% Hacked with: VB 2008
Clear Vision Elite Clear Vision Elite by themanhunt1234
Set cash
Rating: 56.0% Hacked with: VB 2008
CQC CQC by themanhunt1234
Freeze Health (100), rifle ammo 999999999, set keycard number, set your speed, set bat speed, set zombie speed
Rating: 32.6% Hacked with: VB 2008
Fear Unlimited Arena Fear Unlimited Arena by themanhunt1234
Set health (frozen), set cash (or orbs), set score, set mighty heart's, set eternal heart's, set merciful heart's, set vitality flasks, set devil flask's
Rating: 48.0% Hacked with: VB 2008
Flash Element TD Flash Element TD by themanhunt1234
Set lives, set gold, set wood, set score
Rating: 73.0% Hacked with: VB 2008
Gangsta Bean Gangsta Bean by themanhunt1234
Set cash, set lives, set grenades, set gun ammo, 999999999 cash, 999999999 lives, 999999999 grenades, 999999999 gun ammo, freeze health (100), get AK-47, get shotgun
Rating: 56.2% Hacked with: VB 2008
Halloween Hunt 2 Halloween Hunt 2 by themanhunt1234
Set health (frozen), set mana (frozen), set coins, set weapon level
Rating: 57.1% Hacked with: VB 2008
No More Reinforcements No More Reinforcements by themanhunt1234
Set gun ammo 1, set gun ammo 2, set gun ammo 3, set gun ammo 4, set gun ammo 5, set gun ammo 6, set gun ammo 7, max health (frozen)
Rating: 58.6% Hacked with: VB 2008
Protector - Reclaiming the Throne Protector - Reclaiming the Throne by themanhunt1234
Set gold, set lives, set score, set skill points
Rating: 67.3% Hacked with: VB 2008
Samurai Defence Samurai Defence by themanhunt1234
Set gold, set score, set level, max castle hp (frozen) (HP HACK NOT WORKEY)
Rating: 54.5% Hacked with: VB 2008
Sleepless Knight Assassin Sleepless Knight Assassin by themanhunt1234
Max health (frozen), set cash, set kills, set deaths
Rating: 60.7% Hacked with: VB 2008
Stalingrad Stalingrad by themanhunt1234
Max lives (frozen), set gold, set score, set level
Rating: 61.5% Hacked with: VB 2008
Super Energy Apocalypse Recycled Super Energy Apocalypse Recycled by themanhunt1234
Set time left, set smog, set research points, set coal points, set oil points, set natural gas points, set food points, set metal points, set energy points
Rating: 53.8% Hacked with: VB 2008
The Dark Age The Dark Age by themanhunt1234
Set your health (frozen), set enemy health, set cash, set total zones, set level
Rating: 60.4% Hacked with: VB 2008
The Tower The Tower by themanhunt1234
Set gold, max health (frozen), max mp (frozen), set level, max sword level, unlock all spells
Rating: 52.4% Hacked with: VB 2008
Stick RPG Complete (UPDATED) Stick RPG Complete (UPDATED) by themanhunt1234
999999999 cash, freeze hp (9999), president, get books, get freezer, get satelite, get minibar, get treadmill, set name, set darts score, set booze, set sleep pills, set cocaine, set cash in bank, set dart throws, set cigarettes, set bank loan, set bar fight level, set intelligence, set karma, set strength, set day, set job 1-7, set house 1-5, set charm, set attack points left, set bet $ amount
Rating: 61.8% Hacked with: VB 2008
Alias 1 Alias 1 by themanhunt1234
999999999 health, 999999999 lives, 999999999 score, upgraded fire rate, upgraded walk speed, upgrade walk back speed
Rating: 64.5% Hacked with: VB 2008
My Pet Protector My Pet Protector by themanhunt1234
- Set Money - Set Week - Set Age - Set Strength - Set Dexterity - Set Construction - Set Wisdom - Set Intelligence - Set Charisma - Set Stress
Rating: 55.6% Hacked with: VB 2008
Dynasty Street Dynasty Street by themanhunt1234
Hacks: Set Health [Freeze/Un-Freeze] Set Adrenaline [Freeze/Un-Freeze) Set Power Up\'s [Freeze/Un-Freeze) Set Kills RIGHT-CLICK -> PLAY AT START UP
Rating: 52.2% Hacked with: Visual Basic 2008
The Blade The Blade by themanhunt1234
Hacks: Set Castle Health [Freeze/Un-Freeze] Set Castle Max Health Set Gold [Freeze/Un-Freeze] Set Max Units Set Enemy Castle Health [Freeze/Un-Freeze]
Rating: 60.0% Hacked with: Visual Basic 2008
Bummin A Ride Bummin A Ride by themanhunt1234
Hacks: Set Health [Freeze/Un-Freeze] Set Money [Freeze/Un-Freeze] Set Action Points [Freeze/Un-Freeze] Set Max Inventory [Freeze/Un-Freeze]
Rating: 25.0% Hacked with: Visual Basic 2008
The Farmer The Farmer by themanhunt1234
Hacks: Set Money [Freeze/Un-Freeze] Set Health [Freeze/Un-Freeze] Set Days
Rating: 55.6% Hacked with: Visual Basic 2008
Hotwheels Track Mod Hotwheels Track Mod by themanhunt1234
Hacks: Glitch Time (Enable in \"Help\" menu) Set Mods [Freeze/Un-Freeze] Set Score WORKS NOW
Rating: 50.0% Hacked with: Visual Basic 2008
9 Dragons Hexa 9 Dragons Hexa by themanhunt1234
Hacks: Set Score Freeze Time [Activate/De-Activate]
Rating: 100.0% Hacked with: Visual Basic 2008
Super Mario Flash v3 Super Mario Flash v3 by themanhunt1234
Yet another classic Mario Flash game. This is one of my favourites.
Rating: 12.0% Hacked with: Visual Basic 2008

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