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pawn game pawn game by martee55
hacks:turn red or blue or even BOTH,free weapons,no respawn wait,fast reload,ignore walls(shoot throught walls!),line thickness,line duration,giant character,ignore physics(you can fly *press down or up arrow to move up or down*),lawl speed(XD this is the reason that i was banned for 99 days),foc. barrel role(make you role),enemy vac.(press q while moving your mouse n the enemy n so as your friendlies will vac. at the mouse),mouse vac.(same as the enemy vac. but your the one that will be in the mouse. THIS HACK WILL WORK UNTIL THE END OF 2009!-i dinnt made this trainer,press brute force first before opening the hacks -martee
Rating: 69.9% Hacked with: vb6
battlefield general battlefield general by martee55
hacks:speed,gold,general type,castle lifehack,castle life total,castle level ENJOY! -martee
Rating: 71.0% Hacked with: vb6
wpn fire wpn fire by martee55
no gravity,lives,all weapon ammo,speed,health,enemmies cant attack,100%accuracy,no reload
Rating: 43.2% Hacked with: vb6

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