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All Trainers By ioupoo
Flash Strike Flash Strike by ioupoo
First ever trainer, created 2008. Infinite Ammo, Restock Flash Bangs, Infinite HP, Infinite Cash, Custom Kills.
Rating: 51.9% Hacked with: Visual Basics 6
Helicopter Helicopter by ioupoo
Change Speeds, 1337 Score, Hard Mode, Low Beginning, Force Load. Created 2009.
Rating: 64.4% Hacked with: Visual Basics 6
Gladiator Arena Gladiator Arena by ioupoo
God Mode, Level, Score, DIE! May not seem like much, but it is more then you think. God mode is really fun to play around with, I suggest it. Created 2009.
Rating: 61.8% Hacked with: Visual Basics 6
Modular Modular by ioupoo
Contains Unlock all, Custom ship SS ioupoo, Mods for the SS ioupoo, Refuel Player Health, and Force Load.
Rating: 60.0% Hacked with: Visual Basics 6

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