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All Trainers By Kamex
Metal Slug 4 Metal Slug 4 by Kamex
Bombs, Ammo, Lifes, Time, Score and Invencible.
Rating: 84.6% Hacked with: Delphi 7
Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot by Kamex
Lives and Box Max
Rating: 80.0% Hacked with: Delphi
Castle Quest Castle Quest by Kamex
Health, Energy, Level, Talents, Heath Bonus, Energy Bonus and Experience
Rating: 41.7% Hacked with: Delphi
Arcuz Arcuz by Kamex
Money, Weight, Experience, Character Points, Skill Points, Health, Mana, Strenght, Agility, Constitution and Luck
Rating: 63.8% Hacked with: Delphi
Shadow Reign Shadow Reign by Kamex
Level, Talents, Health Potions, Energy Potions, Dodge, Attack Speed(Will not work), Critical, Armor, Experience, Damage, Health and Energy(Do not write numbers greater than [999999]), Gold, Range, Weapon Damage, Weapon Delay(Not tested), Strenght, Agility and Focus.
Rating: 72.7% Hacked with: Delphi
Warlords Heroes Warlords Heroes by Kamex
Level, Level Stage, Kills, Lives, Money and Reward
Rating: 57.9% Hacked with: Delphi
Curse Village Curse Village by Kamex
FullScreen(Only FullScreen), Shield, Score, Level and Points
Rating: 60.0% Hacked with: Delphi
Zombie Rampage Zombie Rampage by Kamex
Health, Kills, Exp and Gun(Insert the valur of gun)
Rating: 90.0% Hacked with: Delphi
Staggy 2 Staggy 2 by Kamex
Cash, Kills and Health
Rating: 31.0% Hacked with: Delphi
The Farmer The Farmer by Kamex
Money, Day, Spray and Fertilizant
Rating: 66.7% Hacked with: Delphi
Strong Bow Strong Bow by Kamex
Level, Money, EXP and Magic Level
Rating: 47.1% Hacked with: Delphi

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